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 About Us

The group has started from 5000 mt/per anum and reached 120000 per anum. As a whole company steal constant growth and company have long future further expension plan.

Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt Ltd. is a part of a highly growing group of paper industries.The group has a diversified business portfolio in manufacturing of packaging grades of paper and hold a strong leadership position in high quality kraft paper in its segment.

The group's fundamental business philosophy is dictated by the ever-growing needs of the customer for quality products backed by a personally touched service culture and competitive cost. In each product category the groups' manufacturing facilities enjoy the optimum operating efficiencies that result more competitive cost structure. The surpluses so generated by the group are reinvested in the business-thereby ensuring continuously growth and rising market share.

In the perspective, SILVERTON PULP AND PAPERS PVT LTD. has identified a significant investment opportunity in the MULTILAYER HIGH BF QUALITY KRAFT PAPER by setting up a complete modernized plant in Muzaffarnagar (UP) with a manufacturing capacity of 72000 TPY. The quality product manufactured shall satisfy all packaging needs of all valuable consumers who prefer and give importance to quality paper. The BF and GSM range of this multilayer quality kraft paper shall be 18 to 30 and 140gsm to 400gsm respectively.

At Silverton Pulp and Papers, we have introduced a work culture that energises the best values and practices. This facilitates in providing customers value added services and of course a unique experience too. The objective is finally to help all valued consumers maximize their productivity, minimize their costs and derive highest value addition in their products. The technology so adopted is contemporary in synchronizing with the market

The company's Sales and Marketing is centralized at its Works at Muzaffarnagar only, which clearly results accuracy in dispatches and strong force among marketing and technical people that is solely in the interest of the customers. The team of sales and marketing professionals has the right blend of experience and very much devotee to service the customers with utmost passion. Generally, PEOPLE MAKE RELATIONS TO TRADE but at SILVERTON, WE TRADE TO MAKE RELATIONS.




At Silverton, our vision is to set new benchmarks to provide the best value to all dealers and consumers through excellence in product quality and service.

Our mission is to create organizational culture that promotes Excellence through visionary leadership keeping all customers and consumers along. The management is committed to take all decisions keeping in view the absolute balance between the company's organization and the customers in regard to their business interests.


  •   Mr. Arun Jain
  •   Mr. Sanjeev Jain
  •   Mr. Rakesh Jain
  •   Mr. Rajeev Jain
  •   Mr. Akshay Jain